IT Professional Services

Reliable Professionals

We have the knowledge and experience to guide and accompany you in the strategic growth of your business through the proper implementation of technology. 

Tech for everybody

We supply, design and implement technology according to your needs.

Supply of technological equipment

We supply computer equipment, printers, network equipment, mobile equipment, servers, technological accessories, cloud subscriptions.

Consulting for your business with a technology focus

We diagnose your technological implementations and accompany you in the creation of strategic IT plans.

Technology implementation

We implement technology at all scale, from equipment assembly to large projects that involve methodologies, good practices, change management, training and start-up with quality assurance and compliance with deliverables in terms of time and costs.

Acknowledgments from our clients

Working with ISCompany allowed us to understand the importance of making the right decisions in our technology investments.

David A – Autopro CEO

IScompany is our main ally for the growth of our organization

Ruben P – CEO